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Big Data

Weatherchance uses the world’s best numerical model and ensemble data, cloud computing, radar, satellite, lightning, and station data. Big model and ensemble post-processing is our speciality. Whatever data is required, Weatherchance will design, acquire, and build exactly what you need.

Specific Solution

Describe the problem, and Weatherchance will find a solution. Solutions include unique software development, and real-time or historical data processing. Whether it is basic data acquisition, climatic analysis, deterministic forecasts, or calibrated probabilistic predictions, Weatherchance can solve it.

Customized Service

Weatherchance will provide a one-time or ongoing service to meet your weather or climate needs. Just describe what you need, and Weatherchance will acquire the data, design an innovative solution, and deliver a customized product or service to you. Let Weatherchance focus on your weather or climate need, so you can focus on your customers.

What can Weatherchance innovation do for you?

Here’s a glimpse at some previous work…

Multi-ensemble processing
Using multi-model and ensemble systems in big-data, in-the-cloud platforms for real-time prediction or analysis, including any basic, derived, and decision-support specific fields.
Multi-ensemble interrogation
Ten-day ensemble prediction of freezing level (AGL and MSL) at a requested point.
Local modeling
Output from a local run of the Unified Forecast System (UFS) FV3 model.
Tracking storms
Real-time or historical tracking of the development and movement of surface low pressure systems.

Calibrated ensemble probabilities
Probability of a thunderstorm from a multi-model ensemble system.

Calibrated ensemble point forecasts
Multi-model, ensemble based probabilistic temperature forecasting through 10-days at a specific point.
Real-time and ensemble predicted drought monitoring
Real-time tracking and multi-ensemble predictions of Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI) for agricultural, land management, and wildfire support.
Lightning monitoring
Processing and providing GOES-17 real-time lightning flashes.
AI solutions
Using a neural network to monitor the real-time surf zone.

Board Certified Consultation

Weatherchance is founded on experience and expertise in customizing state-of-the-art research into real-world meteorological applications. Weatherchance is led by an experienced professional, conferred the prestigious Certified Consulting Meteorologist designation by the American Meteorological Society.

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